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Sanctuary 1


Careful removalof all liturgical furnishings and artwork prior to demolition/construction

• Packing and storage of liturgical furnishings and artwork

• Protections packages for marble work, light fixtures, pews, floors, walls, etc. during construction

• Demolition and removal of floors, walls, ceilings, etc. as per plan

• Dumpsters and trucks for site removal of all debris

• Clean-up and preparation of site for construction


• Decorative granite, marble, tile, mosaic and wood floors and sanctuaries

• Restoration and repair of existing wood, terrazzo, tile and stone floors

• Installation of new wood, marble, granite, tile and terrazzo flooring


• Concrete, plaster and masonry work

• New doors, windows and mouldings

• Additions to enlarge your church

• Sanctuary platforms of stone or wood

• Gathering space additions to enlarge your narthex

• New shrine areas and reconciliation rooms


Construction Services

Painting, Restoration & Decoration

Church Lighting

Pews & Seating

Liturgical Artwork & Stained Glass

Design & Consultation

Liturgical Furnishings

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Construction Services

Many churches cannot afford to be closed for extended periods of time, but we can renovate your church within a three month window. How do we know we can do this? Because we have done it time and time again for our very satisfied clients, and we guarantee the highest quality of work. Here are some of our construction capabilites:

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